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About Us

The Jasmine Hotel & Restaurant is in operation since 1995. Through the years many international guests have visited Jasmine, to stay in the hotel, have a drink or a meal in the restaurant or book an excursion in the Sinai desert.

Whatever you reason for coming is, we'd be happy to welcome you as well. Our English speaking staff will make sure you feel at home and relaxed. If you've never been to Dahab before, you will be amazed by the relaxed, laid-back atmosphere. This is what makes Dahab so distinct from many other tourists resorts in Egypt.

Dahab has retained is character of a Bedouin village, where people know and care for each other. Dahab is a cheap place as well. You will not be charged in dollars or euros, as in many other places; in Dahab you spend everything in Egyptian pounds and prices are very reasonable! In Dahab the sun shines 365 days a year.

So whether you want to escape a cold winter, or come for a summer holiday... you will always receive a very warm welcome!